Tuscan Tour is a boutique travel company that was founded in 2001 by an international couple.

Annie Adair, tour guide of Volterra and wedding planner in Tuscany, originally from Washington D.C.

Annie Adair

passionate tour guide, laid-back wedding planner, hedonist & occassional artist

Originally from Washington D.C. I received my B.A. from Brown University and have called Volterra home since 1998. I am an authorized tour guide of the area specialized in art history and the ancient Etruscans, and offer personalized and family-oriented private tours of Volterra and off-the-beaten-track Tuscany.

I have helped plan nearly 200 destination weddings and really enjoy doing locally-sourced and foraged floral design for my events.

I spend most of my free time in the garden or kitchen, with a glass of wine in hand.

For anecdotes and recipes from my kitchen and sketches of real Tuscan life, come follow my blog.

Francesco Gronchi, wine critic sommelier and tour guide in Tuscany

Francesco Gronchi

wine critic, sommelier, historian, epicure & tour guide specialized in nature walks

Check out Rick Steves’ recent interview of Francesco

I was born and raised in Volterra, in the heart of Tuscany. Good food, genuine wine, and great company have always been important to me.

I lead wine tours and wine tastings, and write about wine in my blog, and also contribute each year to Slow Wine (Slow Food’s wine review). I am also a lead guide for Rick Steves’ tours in Italy and am a certified nature guide.

I graduated from the University of Siena with a degree in History & Political Science, focusing on the Italian partisan resistance to nazi-fascism during WWII, and did research for the University of Pisa at the American Military Archives on massacres of Italian civilians during WWII.

I lived for a few years in Washington D.C. before being lured back to Tuscany by the plentiful good wine, my family’s home-grown olive oil, and being able to laugh with friends of opposing political views over a drink, among other things.

Want to explore Tuscany with us?

When I first came to Italy I came across Volterra by pure chance and immediately fell in love with this unique city, its breathtaking landscape, its mysterious and rich history and the tangible warmth and openness of its inhabitants. I spent the rest of my vacation in Volterra and the surrounding area and soon decided that nothing could be better than a six-month stay in Volterra to learn the language and immerse myself in the Tuscan way of life (and thus began the endless deferment of law school!). Three months later I met my now-husband Francesco and my fate was sealed.

After a few years in the States, Francesco and I decided to move back to Volterra. We couldn’t resist being away from all that Tuscany has to offer – from the food and wine (certainly a primary concern!) to the very human pace of life, the simple beauty of it all. When we started Tuscan Tour, our aim was – as it still is now – to offer services and experiences that go well beyond the “been there, done that” mentality of most offerings of mass tourism. This land captivates us still, day after day, and we hope to share some of that magic with our clients.

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    1. Andrea Bocelli is actually from Lajatico, in the valley below Volterra. We usually have a lot of clients who do tours with us before or after his annual summer concert.

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