we specialize in Volterra and also offer private tours of other Tuscan cities

Volterra is the quintessential Tuscan hill town where history comes alive. It captivates seasoned travelers and children alike.

Volterra offers many possibilities for a wonderful private tour lasting just a few hours or a whole day.

I aim to introduce you to Volterra’s particular history and also give you the knowledge and tools to better interpret other Tuscan towns you may visit on your own during your stay.

The skyline of Volterra with a view of the Baptistery, bell tower and Cathedral, looking out over the Cecina Valley. One of my favorite scenic overlooks.

Our city tours are private and we are happy to personalize the itineraries to focus on what interests you most.

The 4th c. BC Etruscan gate called Porta all'Arco in Volterra


Volterra - view of the city and rolling hills of the Tuscan countryside

local life

Etruscan jewellery making at Fabula Etrusca in Volterra

how things are made

Renaissance painting, Florence Tuscany, saints with gold halos and lapis lazuli paint robes

art and architecture

Dondoli gelato in San Gimignano, Piazza della Cisterna - the best gelato in the world!

spending a day like a local

Sunflowers in Tuscany - the quintessential Tuscany landscape

quintessential Tuscan photo-ops

Our tours are led by Annie or a trusted colleague. We work with a small and select group of professional guides who are experts in their field, speak fluent English, and are all-around good company.

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as our schedules tend to fill quickly, do contact us in advance to inquire about or book a tour

how about making an unforgettable day even better?

Francesco Gronchi, sommelier, wine critic for Slow Wine and Rick Steves' tour guide, tasting wine at Angelo Gaja's estate in Montalcino, Santa Reparata

finish up with a guided wine-tasting!

If you are interested in wine, you may want to consider a guided wine tasting after the tour of Volterra. The tastings are usually held by Francesco Gronchi (Annie’s husband and business partner) who is a certified sommelier and wine critic.

The tastings are held at a local wine bar and aim to engage you in a conversation about the history and traditions of the wines, and can teach you wine-tasting techniques.

find out more about our wine tastings and tours

There are many ways to create a fun full-day experience in Volterra – learn more about our full-day tours.

If you are a single traveller or do not have much time in Volterra, you may be interested in our 1-hour group Volterra Walking Tour.


2 thoughts on “Volterra tours

  1. Our friends Rick and Nancy Richardson highly recommended your tour of Volterra. We will be in Siena from 4/25 through 4/30 and would enjoy such a tour. Could you please send me your price list.

    Thank you
    Barbara Kalish

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